Long live @peanutfreemom

Just when I figured she’d lost all breath, @peanutfreemom resurrects and the site traffic here picks up again. Apparently a new group of angry, puzzled or fascinated followers cycle in every week or so to debate whether she’s real or brilliant satire. (Note to @peanutfreemom Googlers who found this post: She’s brilliant satire.)

I remain fascinated by the indignant, frothing rage of the people still responding with passionate anger at peanutfreemom. I understand if you’re at your kid’s basketball game, and some asshole parent is yelling obscenities at the refs and the kids on the other team, you might feel obligated to say something. You are physically confined to the space and the situation, so you have to intervene.

But on Twitter, nothing is easier than ignoring an obnoxious asshole, real or perceived. Yet people get so drawn in, and take it so personally, that they post tweet after angry tweet in hopes of defeating this evil mom in Massachusetts somewhere who they didn’t know (or think) existed the day before. I just love this kinda shit.

2 thoughts on “Long live @peanutfreemom

  1. I was just forwarded the link the @peanutfreemom by a friend, and he didn’t mention it being a satire, so I thought it was legit. I’m just glad I didn’t reply before I googled her and found your article, but I suspect a lot of people are forwarding it as a legitimate account. I suspect my friend’s intention was the internet equivalent of slipping my fingers into a bowl of warm water while I was sleeping…

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