Now on the Burger King Value Menu: The Mr. Edible. BK admits serving horse Whoppers

Thank you, thank you, Burger King, for delivering this gem of relentless comedy today. We now amuse ourselves:

  • Burger King launches new soup menu with the introduction of Seattle Stew 
  • New on the Burger King breakfast menu: Sausage, egg and Seabiscuit
  • The Whopper will now be referred to as the Whiiiilllburrr
  • Now available for a limited time at Burger King: The Filly Cheesesteak
  • A Whopper’s a horse, of course, of course… 
  • Just announced that Burger King will replace old buns with a new product they’re calling Thorough Bread
  • I’m LOVING the new Quiniela Box meals from Burger King
  • Just had a delicious Burger King salad with a side of ranch dressage



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