Ginger Snaps! Mick Hucknall smolders over redhead jokes

Ginger Snaps! Mick Hucknall mad as hell!

"I'm burning with fiery anger!"

Apparently, all the “ginger” jokes and comments have offended Mick Hucknall. He equates it to racism, and can’t understand why people identify him so closely with the color of his hair.

“The pop star questioned why a string of prominent Britons were not similarly defined by the colour of their hair.”

Hmmm. Perhaps because their locks aren’t quite as shockingly red as yours, Mick. Oh, and they also didn’t name their famous bands “Simply Red” after the color of your hair. Just some theories.

4 thoughts on “Ginger Snaps! Mick Hucknall smolders over redhead jokes

  1. Frankly, I like the color red and I love Micks’ hair color, so it does not matter to me what people say or think about it. That is just how God made him. No, I am not a red head but if I were I’d be proud of it! Lets face it, all of us have certain features about us that others may want to joke about. Some can be seen by the public eye and some are covered up by clothing, shoes, etc. I don’t know why people seem to make such a big deal out of it. Why can’t society just except people for who they are not for skin color, hair color, etc. There are more pressing issues in this world needing attention than one mans hair color. How about world hunger and our global economy problems?

    • Hello A.M., thanks for stopping by containseggs.

      Clearly, you are a witch. We posted this item in part to draw out and expose members of the ginger coven. We’re onto you. A.M.? Ancient Magic. I expected your kind to be craftier than that.

      You are correct, it does not matter what people say or think about Mick Bucknall’s orange head. His celebrity-addled choice to equate ginger mockery with racism, however, invited well deserved derision and scorn. Plus, just fucking look at him. Whatever was holding back the years clearly collapsed.

      I will say it was brave of you to overcome your shame and confess that you cover your disfigured feet with shoes. We thank you for that. (Stop! Hammer Toe!) I look forward to seeing your proposals for addressing world hunger and the global economy on other sites.

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