Coming Soon: Fodor’s “Blow Through Europe” Cocaine Travel Guide

A friend on Facebook shared this Huffington Post link, which seems to be an unintentionally helpful guide to manage your cocaine budget as you travel through Europe. Complete with stunning stock photos of each destination in a slide show—”You just won’t be able to stop talking about the Colosseum! And talking! And talking!”
Isn't it good, Norwegian's would . . . pay too much for their cocaine

$154 per gram Norway? No way! I'll take my travel dollars and my coke habit to Luxembourg

We’re also pleased to see that, despite Greece’s debt woes and volatile economy, the Greek cocaine market still commands a stable $104 per gram. No hyperinflation, just hyperinhalation.

Finally, we see that The Economist provided a print-ready cocaine price list for European travelers, with even more countries listed, as its Daily Chart a few days back. Just remember, it’s twice the vacation if you never sleep.

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