Things to Keep in Your Pocket

  • We’ll have a good time, with me and all the gang. Learning from each other, while we bang and blame! #CosbyCoversREM (Inspired by the @JohnMoe, NPR’s greatest contribution to our society.)
  • Headline yesterday: “Police: Bieber sex may be investigated.” We’ve had our suspicions, but is this really a law enforcement issue?
  • “Prostate cancer found in 2,000-year-old Egyptian mummy.” Well, at least they found it early.
  • Remember the 90s NBC sitcom Wings? It turns out costar Steven Weber has become an underemployed, relentlessly creepy and unfunny Twitter troll. And he has launched an embarrassingly shitty Web site called . . . wait for it .  . . The World Wide Weber! And we thought our site sucked! A tip for Lowell: If you feel the need to label your own Web site as “humorous,” then it probably isn’t.

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