Ask Robert Plant

Q: There seems to be some sort of bustle in my hedgerow. What should I do?

A: Foremost, do not be alarmed! 


Q: Is it OK to wear linen after Labor Day?

A: Oh yeah. Ah yeah. Ah, ah, ah! It’s perfectly OK in warm climates!


Q: Does anybody remember laughter?

A: Yes. Phyllis Diller, Dick Cavett and Alan Greenspan. Thanks for asking!


Q: Where was the soul of a woman created?

A: That’s a terrific question! Below.


Q: Hey, Robert, what do women need?

A: It. And in most cases, way down inside.


Q: Hey, Robert, what are your theories about big-legged women?

A: I don’t know for certain, but sources tell me they’re soulless.

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