Kelly M. Bray, Meet the Power of Charts

So, someone stood up for us (and intellectual justice) against the thieving pretenders at the L.A. Times Tech Blog. A woman named Kelly M. Bray commented, derisively questioning the popularity and readership of

We’ve researched the site statistics, Ms. Bray. Just six weeks after we started, we’re already nipping the heels of the low-integrity hacks at the Tech Blog. Snark all you want at the objective power of visually represented comparative numbers:


(And El Camino College? Grades not good enough for Camaro University?)

No-good credit hoarders at L.A. Times Tech blog “scoop” the news that @peanutfreemom is satire

We demand that the  L.A. Times Tech blog give our fledgling little nonsense journal here some credit where it’s due. We told you eight days ago that Twitter phenomenon @peanutfreemom, suburban she-beast of sanctimony, was really just a brilliantly conceived satire.

Now, eight days late and, uh, 160 nickels short, the L.A. Times Technology blog gets wise and “uncovers” the brilliant ruse without so much as a nod to Containseggs calls on our dozens of daily visitors to rise up in unified protest! Let’s flood the L.A. Times blog post with firmly worded, mildly aggravated comments demanding (or at least politely requesting) some credit for breaking the truth about @peanutfreemom first!

In fact, we’ll send a containseggs t-shirt to the three people who post at the L.A. Times blog supporting our request for recognition on the Debra Jones-O’Brien story. (We don’t actually have any containseggs t-shirts printed yet, so it will most likely be a slightly used but freshly washed undershirt.) Rally for justice!

UPDATE: So far, the containseggs nation has underwhelmed. But we are confident you’ll step up and demand that Deborah Netburn and the L.A. Times tech blog give us some props. We’re trying to start a movement here! Wait, that did come out right. Neither did that.