Just Throw the Onions in My Mouth, I’m Going to Miss My Flight

This pic is from concourse A at Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta. No food says “grab and go” for a crowded flight quite like muffuletta. (For those of you who aren’t familiar, a muffuletta is a giant, messy sandwich with multiple meats topped with a sloppy, oily olive salad spread. The picture sums it up.)

Also my favorite post-Beatles Paul McCartney album

We suggest some additional incongruent airport food options for the hurried traveler:

  • Deviled Eggs in a Dash
  • Carry-On Clams
  • Gazpacho at the Gate
  • Corn on the Concourse
  • Sloppy Go’s!
  • Fondue on the Fly
  • Beef Stewardess
  • The Graviator
  • Gumbo Jet
  • Stir-Fry & Fly
  • Boarding Bass

We welcome you to reply with your own airport food franchise suggestions. Also tweet to #badairportfoodideas

Deidre Hall is Demanding Her Portrait Next

We spotted this gem in a small street art market in front of a gallery after dinner last weekend:

Lucci's Despair

Our interpretation: Since ABC Cancelled “All My Children,” Susan Lucci awakens with the recurring nightmare that her lone Daytime Emmy has turned into a giant red onion.

We welcome other interpretations. And we apologize for knowing so much about soap opera divas.