SNOW MY GOD! 2014 Update: Canada Weighs In On the Atlanta Winter Storm

Another great moment in local coverage of SNOW MY GOD! 2014*. This analysis by a Canadian visitor really puts the storm in perspective:


*A friend also suggested CLUSTERFLAKE, which I must admit I wish I had thought of.

Georgia DOT Finally Solves the Mystery of Atlanta’s Snow Traffic Disaster


Snow Way!

In other news, the Atlanta PD reports that murders are affecting the murder rate.

Great to see that after 10 days the Ga. DOT is finally getting a handle on the snow gridlock. Some consultant surely made a lot of money to draw this conclusion.

And to clarify the semantically clumsy news graphic: The DOT isn’t suggesting that dense traffic made more snow fall. What the DOT is proclaiming is actually much more brazen in its obviousness. After 10 days of analysis, the DOT has determined that traffic made the traffic worse. We knew at 1 p.m. that Tuesday that releasing everyone onto the highways at once created staggering gridlock. Of course that’s what created a disaster as darkness and more snow fell.

“Well, snow started falling, then everyone got on the roads and they became gridlocked. Then, more snow. Sorry your kid spent the night on a bus.”